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A Jewish Day school is a basic building block of a strong Jewish community and is a central institution to any thriving community. MetroWest Jewish Day School is a magnet for children and families in the Metrowest area of greater Boston, attracting those currently living here as well as future residents. As children and their parents connect with the community of the day school, their loyalties to area synagogues and other institutions of Jewish communal life also grow. This is a very important goal in the effort to strengthen the Jewish roots in this community. As a Community Day School, MWJDS is attended by students from 10 towns in the MetroWest area. We are a diverse set of families who represent various Jewish observances—and all committed to raising Jewish children and and promoting our heritage, language and beliefs.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our son. With long commute from Worcester to Framingham, we are very comfortable with the care he is receiving at MWJDS. Our four children go to school in four different directions; we have complete confidence in his care. ~ 2010 Second Grade Parent

A Strong Inter-grade Community

At MWJDS, students across all ages have the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities together, both inside and outside the classroom. Our educational model capitalizes on multi-age learning which fosters a strong sense of responsibility for older students to mentor the younger students, and promotes respect and admiration of younger students for their older community members. When we come together as a school, on the playground or in structured learning programs, all children feel the safety in the strength of this student community. Additionally, all children at MWJDS quickly develop the confidence to demonstrate their individual opinions and shine in their own right.

I have the youngest child in the school and had some concerns. Every one of them is now moot. The connection between the various aged children is amazing. A second grader calls my son Little Man. A 6th grade said to him ‘We have a special connection. You’re the smallest in the school and I’m the biggest. So, we’re a team!’ ~  Kindergarten Parent

If you are considering becoming part of the MWJDS community, please arrange a visit by contacting Solomon Rosenberg, Institutional Advancement Associate at (508) 620-5554.


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