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Special Education & Support

MWJDS is committed to enabling every child to receive a high quality, joyful education at our school. Our staff is focused on differentiating for a full range of learning styles and abilities. Our smaller classes enable students to receive individualized attention and appropriate curricular expectations. MWJDS has a strong track record of welcoming students with a substantial range of learning issues. MWJDS was selected by Combined Jewish Philanthropies in September 2010 to receive a 5-year Partnership Grant of $250,000 to expand support services at our school.

Central to our culture are the following beliefs:

  1. Every child can learn
  2. Children need to feel safe to flourish academically
  3. It is a teacher’s responsibility to understand and address each child’s individual learning profile.

The  MWJDS Learning Team

The MWJDS Learning Team supports students, parents and teachers in ensuring we meet the range of students’ needs. Our Learning Team is comprised of the following staff members:

  1. Director Of Special Education/ School Psychologist, Dr. Phoebe Schnitzer,
  2. Learning Specialist, Ali Butter, and
  3. Director of Education,  Rav Hazzan Scott Sokol, Ph.D., and
  4. Learning Specialist, Holly Stengel

The team provides a weekly opportunity for teachers and parents to meet and systematically identify a student’s needs and individualized goals. The Learning Team coordinates services provided through local school systems or through outside professionals as well as those provided by MWJDS staff. Formal on-going follow up is conducted regularly within the Learning Team, where parents meet with school staff to assess and monitor the child’s progress.

In–house direct services

The following services are key to our program and include:

  • Small group pull-outs focused on reading comprehension, the Wilson Reading system; writing support, math and Hebrew
  • Individualized pull-outs for academic support in reading, math, writing and Hebrew
  • In-class supports in literacy, writing and math
  • In-class differentiation of curriculum and homework
  • In-class work on social skills
  • On-going weekly check-ins with the school psychologist.

Friendship groups and lunch bunch

MWJDS is committed to enabling the successful integration of every student into the MWJDS community. Social dynamics are a focus of every classroom. In addition we facilitate small structured social groups, like lunch bunches and friendship groups, to strengthen skills of individual students.

For further information, please contact our Director of Special Needs, Dr. Phoebe Schnitzer.


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