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Creative Arts

MWJDS believes that creative arts are a critical element to a well-balanced child.   We help students develop an appreciation for how art, music drama and dance can help them look at and interpret the world around them.


Every student participates in formal art instruction where they get the opportunity to bring art to life. The art curriculum is a combination of art history and multi-media expression. Students learn how art allows them to express themselves through languages other than spoken or written; and to understand the contributions of the arts and artists to cultures past and present. Students are also exposed to concepts such as shape, form, color, space and some mastering of skills such as application of concepts for various art forms. Our art specialist works with the classroom teachers to integrate art into the daily curriculum and grade-specific themes.

  • Students are inspired by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and learn how to draw self portraits using graphite and colored pencils. They learn how and where to place their features on their face as well as symmetry.
  • Comparing and contrasting Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh, students view many types of landscapes, learn what makes a landscape and about warm and cool colors. In a practical application, students focus on nature by collecting autumn leaves and drawing one leaf very large and using bright metallic paint.
  • Georgia O’Keefe, who painted very large flowers, inspires the students as they use different kinds of sunflowers and create very exciting flowers using crayons and oil pastels.

I couldn’t believe that the art work my child brought home was done by him – a kindergartener! I was amazed! ~ Kindergarten parent


What is life without music? Music is an important aspect of learning at MWJDS which enables various forms of expression, both verbal and nonverbal. Our program provides the foundation for music appreciation which helps our students grow as listeners and performers. Students learn about music from America and around the world, along with a special focus on Israeli traditional and modern Jewish music (both liturgical and folk), and trope (a musical notation used in chanting our holy texts).  Informal singing as well as targeted learning through song (e.g., foreign language acquisition) can be found throughout our school and throughout our day. Our more formal musical group, the Makhelah (chorus) performs at local nursing homes and community events and participates in Kol Haneshama, the annual Day School song festival.  See some of our recent performances here.

Cirque Du So’Hanuka Talent Show

Every winter, we delight in seeing what our talented students are up to. Singing, dancing, card tricks, gymnastics, jokes, and more! Check out some of the highlights from last year’s show:

DSCN8416DSCN8353                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DSCN8397 DSCN8391


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