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Grades K-2


The focus of the Kindergarten year is on developing the whole child which includes academic, social, and emotional growth and enhancement. We foster confident learners, who are able to apply the skills they learn to everyday life. Our theme, “it is a tree of life” was chosen for many reasons. It is the student’s first experience at MWJDS, and it is our hope that each child will grow both upward as well as expanding their roots, for it is their roots that will keep them grounded as they soar towards a lifetime of learning and experiences.

Each Spring, the kindergarten class celebrates their families. They explore how we all have different people who love us and who we call “family.”

First Grade

As first graders put together all of their pre-reading skills and concepts to become readers, their world is opened up ready to communicate through all areas of language arts. This milestone is significant and our goal is to help shape readers, writers, and thinkers to enjoy a lifelong love of books and literature.

The theme of the year, “we are commanded to work and keep the land” will address different ways in which we can be actively involved in taking care of the earth.  The science and social studies themes will connect with our theme through literature, class discussions, hands-on activities and poetry.

The students receive their very own siddurim in a very moving ceremony near the end of the year.


Second Grade

Second grade is an exciting year for the students.  They enter the year able to read, write, and compute mathematically. This year hones these skills through thematic units connecting literature with science and social studies. The yearly theme is Kevod HaBeriot (Honoring Human Beings). We will focus on self-respect, respecting others and appreciating differences. This theme will link throughout our curriculum and integrate with our social studies of ourselves and the world starting with America. Each student will complete an independent research project on a country of their choosing. The class celebrates their success with an International Festival at the end of the year.


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