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All School Science Fair

Get your lab coats ready and best ideas. The Annual All-School Science Fair is in the late Spring. All children are encouraged to participate with an individual project, and some classes also conduct group experiments as in-class projects. Topic submissions are required for approval after Winter break so there is plenty of time to conduct experiments, do the research and plan for the event.

At the Fair, children present their project to other students, family members and community leaders. Each child is assigned a Science Fair Coach who engages them in a one-on-one interview and provides them constructive feedback.

Based on a variety of criteria, some student projects are then selected to represent MWJDS at the Regional Science Fair Competition.

See pictures of our 2013 Science Fair here!

All School Poetry Reading

Each year, all MWJDS students are invited to participate in our formal Poetry Reading night at Barnes & Nobles in Shopper’s World, Framingham.  All students get up in front of their peers, family and community members to share their original works of art. Children can submit individual pieces, work in small groups and/or as a class. Each child gets a certificate of accomplishment to award them for their hard work.

Many of the works of poetry shared at the Barnes & Nobles poetry reading are then entered into the MA Science Poetry Competition. To see our most recent winners, please click here.

Chess Club

After lunch on Tuesdays, the cafeteria turns into a chess room! The chess boards are set up, and instructors guide students in interactive play and one-on-one instruction. Encourage your child to join in the fun.

Members of the chess club are also invited to participate in various competitions. Please click here to see our most recent victories!

Chess Week

In January, students at MWJDS welcomed an entourage of visiting kings and queens, as well as a coterie of knights, bishops, castles, and pawns. For five days in early January, MWJDS students took part in Chess Week, where they played chess for an hour a day.

There is strong evidence that playing chess helps students enhance their creativity, improve their power of concentration, develop and expand critical thinking skills, boost memory and retention, and even practice achieve superior academic performance. Chess is a wonderful teaching tool because children enjoy it so much. They have fun as they become better problem solvers.

Each student began the week at a specific skill level – 9 levels in all. With the support of their teachers and community volunteers, students progressed quickly through the various levels, and at the end of the week they taught their parents and grandparents how to play chess. The most motivated students joined a traveling Chess Team that will compete in Sunday tournaments.

The Chess Club is part of a larger vision of a rigorous electives program at the school focused on math, science, chess, and Spanish. Through the school’s intensive academics, students develop the skills to be caring leaders and confident learners.

Shabbat Electives

On Fridays when we have electives, each classroom will conduct their own Shabbat ceremony, followed by their elective.

Sample elective choices for grades K-2 are Jewish Arts and Crafts, Jewish Cooking, and Israeli Dancing. Students in grades 3-6 chose between Sedra Scenes; Newspaper; Yearbook Design and Social Justice Group. Students are usually able to get either their first or second choice, and  have another chance to select new electives about every six weeks.


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